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What’s there to do after the conference?

Rotterdam not only has the right facilities for your conference programme; this vibrant and dynamic city also has a lot to offer you and your guests after your event. Take its impressive skyline, for instance, or its large-scale athletic and cultural events - and the River Maas, of course. Rotterdam is known around the world for its futuristic architecture, which is never far off as you stroll through the city. But Rotterdam is also a great place to enjoy arts and culture - or to shop until you drop. Do you feel like visiting a museum? The city has a strong selection to choose from, and after a long day, you can while away the evening in one of Rotterdam’s numerous restaurants.

Rotterdam Welcome Card

Rotterdam is definitely a town that you need to experience first-hand. It’s a young and exciting world city that continues to change and develop at a rapid pace. It seems as if every time you visit, Rotterdam’s skyline has gained a new building and you get to enjoy some new sports or cultural event. In addition, the city offers a wide range of sights, attractions, arts and cultural venues, shops, restaurants and parks. Rotterdam is a place that never stops surprising you.

From trendy street food to culinary pieces de resistance

The food district De Kaap is only a short ride from Ahoy. This area offers a wide array of gastronomic delights. Restaurants, lunchrooms, delicatessens, catering establishments, cafés: De Kaap offers something for everyone. But you can also visit one of the many food establishments found in other parts of the city. The Markthal food court, for example, where you can sample everything from delicious sushi to tasty pizzas. Are you more in the mood for a gourmet restaurant? Rotterdam has numerous options to choose from!

Top 5 museums in Rotterdam

1. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
2. Kunsthal Rotterdam
3. Maritime Museum Rotterdam
4. Het Nieuwe Instituut
5. Museum Rotterdam

Day trips

Would you like to explore other parts of the Netherlands while you’re in Rotterdam? You can go on all sorts of excursions and day trips from the city. From the windmills along Kinderdijk to the canals of Amsterdam: they can all be reached in no time at all.