15th World Conference Cities and Ports "Crossovers"

Rotterdam hosted the '15th World Conference Cities and Ports’ in 2016. The AIVP (Association Internationale Villes et Ports) conference focuses on transformations of former ports and the societal issues and challenges many port cities have in common. Rotterdam Partners and Stadshavens Rotterdam worked in close collaboration to bring the convention to the city of Rotterdam. The event, spread over several days, reinforced Rotterdam’s image as a global port city. More information can be found at

Heleen Kraak-Deijl, Stadshavens Rotterdam programme office’s Programme Secretary: "The RDM Onderzeebootloods was the perfect location for this conference. After all, RDM Rotterdam is the place where the city and port kiss each other! In total, Rotterdam welcomed more than 400 representatives from more the 50 countries. The RDM Onderzeebootloods was initially seen as an unconventional venue for AIVP members, but they were very enthusiastic about it afterwards!"