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Public Transport

Rotterdam: extensive and efficient public transport

When it comes to public transport, Rotterdam has long surpassed other Dutch cities. It has the Netherlands’ oldest and most extensive underground network. With some 300,000 passengers per day, the Rotterdam 'Metro’ is the busiest underground network in the Benelux after Brussels. Public transport in the region (bus, tram, underground and fast ferry) is handled by local transport provider RET.

To use public transport in Rotterdam and the rest of the Netherlands, you need to buy a pre-loaded smart card called an OV-chipkaart. You can top up the credit balance on this card at one of the many terminals found at public transport stations. The OV-chipkaart is sold at all Rotterdam underground stations, where you can also increase your credit balance if required.

Rotterdam Ahoy: excellent location and accessibility

Rotterdam Ahoy is ideally situated, close to a motorway exit and the Zuidplein underground and bus station and a short distance from Rotterdam The Hague Airport. In addition, the centre offers ample parking with some 2,000 on-site parking spaces.

Close to two international airports

Close to Rotterdam - an hour by car and only 24 minutes by high-speed rail - lies the major international airport Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: the Netherlands’ national air hub and the 14th-largest airport worldwide. Schiphol has won numerous awards for the quality it offers its users. The airport is connected to some 500 destinations worldwide.

In addition, Rotterdam has its own international airport: Rotterdam The Hague Airport. With some 40 international - often European - destinations, this is considered a very pleasant airport for business travellers.

Public transport in Rotterdam: facts & figures
  • 5 underground lines, 145 underground trains
  • 194 km of tram track, 162 km of underground track
  • 322 tram stops, 53 underground stations
  • 828 railway points
  • 10 water taxis
Hop on / hop off and Heritage Tram Line 10

Like many other world cities, Rotterdam offers its visitors the opportunity to tour the city by bus - or take a vintage tram! Both services will take you past Rotterdam’s numerous highlights, sights and attractions. The red double-decker bus of the Hop on/Hop off bus tour has been driving through Rotterdam since July 2015. A full tour of the city takes approximately one hour.