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Professional Lighting Design Convention in 2019 in Rotterdam

Professional Lighting Design Convention in 2019 in Rotterdam

Professional Lighting Design Convention in 2019 in Rotterdam

17 December 2018

The Professional Lighting Design Convention, PLDC 2019 will be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands from 24. - 26. October, 2019. Preceded by pre-convention meetings on/around 23. October.

Breaking with the tradition of staging the Professional Lighting Design Convention, PLDC in a capital city, the organisers have defined Rotterdam as the location for the next European edition. Rotterdam has evolved from an insider tip for connoisseurs of modern architecture to a buzzing modern metropolis with a seemingly unlimited supply of cultural attractions and innovation hubs. Home to the largest port in Europe, the city’s maritime and industrial background blends perfectly with its excellent accessibility - Schiphol Airport is less than an hour away.

Merging masterminds - makes absolute sense.
The future depends on our ability to cooperate and how well we can manage to bring the right people with the right know-how together to create the right team. Modern-day society expects more of architects, lighting specialists and manufacturers than ever before. Which is why it is necessary for a team of dedicated professionals to redefine the quality of lighting design in architecture. Good architecture has more than three dimensions and can no longer be realised on a "me only” basis. It is about bringing together the expertise of the professionals required to realise and optimise a project. The motto of PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam, merging masterminds, was purposefully chosen to encourage discussion on, and the implementation of, new ways of cooperating on architectural projects. To this day, architects, lighting designers, programmers, sociologists, media experts, researchers, manufacturers and clients only see the challenges we need to face, but have no conclusive solutions for the future at the ready. This is the point at which PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam will be taking steps, and encouraging reflection and discussion on forward-looking approaches to appropriate and meaningful cooperation.


Based on the proven success of the PLDC concept, the convention will again be built around a three-day professional conference offering around 80 professional papers given by high-profile speakers from the world of lighting design, architecture, research, city planning, daylight design and other related professions.


Three tracks will be offering traditional 45-minute presentations, the Research track repeat the new format of 20-minute scientific papers, including both Lighting Application Research and R+D, as in 2017, in the Paris edition. The convention will also include invited Keynote Speakers, a manufacturers’ exhibition, pre-convention meetings, excursions to lighting / architectural projects, social events, moderated discussions, the final round of The Challenge, self-running electronic poster presentations, and a Gala Dinner during which the Professional Lighting Design Recognition Awards will be given for outstanding achievements in Architectural Lighting Design. PLDC offers further and continuing education in the field of lighting design and the presentation of cutting-edge technologies. PLDC 2019 will comprise the next chapter in a history of successful conventions.


The Challenge 2018/19 edition:

After the great success of two editions of The Challenge, the new edition promises to discover more new talents in the coming ten months. The Challenge is a talent promotion project in the form of a speaker competition in four rounds. Participants can be students or recent graduates embarking on a career as a lighting designer. The goal of the programme is to activate more students and recent graduates from more schools to interact with each other, learn from each other and from experienced professionals, and become a more accepted part of the lighting design community. Learn more about The Challenge and the successful concept of the competition and see which universities are on board to date.